How would you describe GMI in one word?
Greg Gordon Gordon Highlander
“I’ve come to admire GMi and how they have built their business, I think they are excellent in everything they do.”
Cary Hughes Rogers O'Brien
“GMi stands behind their material and manpower… it’s that dependability.”
The Barojas Family
“We all work together as one to ensure our customer’s are happy.”
Jonathon Gray Rew Materials
“They have a sincere desire to make sure the job is taken care of from start to finish.”
John Wicker
“Longevity here is important to us.”
G. Mikal Darden
“We want people to feel like they are a part of the family.”
Steve Reider & Barry Corey
“If you’re looking for a place to land that is solid for career… this is the place.”